3 Scuba Safety Tips Every Diver Should Know

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Scuba Diving is a wonderful activity and a great way to experience the beauty of underwater worlds. But one has to be careful when diving. Otherwise your fun adventure could quickly turn into an underwater nightmare.

Here are three great tips every diver should know to keep safe and have fun.

1) Don't Drink and Dive
Everyone wants to have a fun time on their vacation or trip. For some people that means the inclusion of alcohol. But if you are going to scuba, it is very important that you limit your alcohol consumption. The less aware you are underwater, the greater danger you get into. Also drinking leads to dehydration those pesky hangovers!. So when scuba diving remain well hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of bottled water, get sufficient rest, and hold off on drinking alcohol until your diving day is done.

2) Optimize Your Dive Gear
Anyone who has ever done a cave dive has probably learned the importance of streamlining, and tightening up your dive gear. Dangling hoses, straps, or other items that might entangle you pose a serious threat to your safety. There are many things underwater to get caught on such as seaweed, a shipwreck, coral, or even the dive boat as you are getting into the water.

3) Monitor Your Air Supply
Nothing is more important to your safety then your air supply. To ascend slowly, you must have air in your tank. Watching your air supply and consumption frequently is important for the duration of the dive. If you are down to 1,000 p.s.i., you should be well aware of the proximity of your dive boat or the beach. After 500 p.s.i. you should be in the process of making a slow, controlled ascent back to surface. I know it sounds dumb but please watch your gauges constantly throughout your dive and never, ever run out of air!

There is much more to scuba diving safety, but remember these tips the next time you are in the water, after all better safe then sorry!

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3 Scuba Safety Tips Every Diver Should Know

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This article was published on 2010/03/30